Honda NX650
At first place we stripped the whole bike to the bones and than the whole engine to pieces. The subframe got completely redesigned with handmade BMX style braces. Every piece got painted, powdercoated. All the screws, nipples got a yellow galvanization for a better result. On the front wheel the speedo mechanism was replaced with a machined alloy spacer. The speedo is a cross style digital Koso. The front fender is repositionable with custom made brackets. The Antigravity battery is placed in a CNC machined box under the seat. The tank is from a Suzuki DR125 with a matching paintjob and a custom made fuel filler cap. The oil cap is custom made as well. The turn signal is designed and produced by us. The exhaust system was redesigned and fabricated with stainless steel. The carbs got rejetted because of the open exhaust system and the direct air filter.